"The gods are of no sect; they side with no man. When I imagine that Nature inclined rather to some few earnest and faithful souls, and specially existed for them, I go to see an obscure individual who lives under the hill, letting both gods and men alone, and find that strawberries and tomatoes grow for him too in his garden there, and the sun lodges kindly under his hillside, and am compelled to acknowledge the unbribable charity of the gods." - Thoreau  Journal entry April, 15 age 23

My sister in law, Gaja, picking blueberries. This photo was made with a Diana+ using 120 B&W film.


"Almost any man knows how to earn money, but not one in a million knows how to spend it. If he had known so much as this, he would never have earned it." - Henry Thoreau, journal entry from 1847, age 30

This is the Water Tower and John Hancock buildings in Chicago. I don't use much color film anymore as I can't print with it, but it does have qualities that can't be achieved in any other medium.


"Cultivate poetry like sage, like a garden herb. Do not trouble yourself to get new things, wether clothes or friends. That is dissipation. Turn the old; return to them. Things do not change; we change. If I were confined to a corner of a garret all my days, like a spider, the world would be just as large to me while I had my thoughts." - Henry Thoreau, journal entry age 33

This is the front of my families warehouse. When I was a little kid it seemed huge and dark and was full of wonderous machines whos purpose was a mystery to me. Now it seems small. It's a place where I go to work, to find useful purposes for the unuseful.


This first one is a but long, but it's a great look into open-source hardware. I had no idea such a thing existed. It seems that any product or forum that utilizes user generated content comes up with incredibly original ideas at a break neck pace.

For those of you who have been living under a rock this is Blackwater. I was unaware that there was as much controversy about them. There are all sorts of links on that video's page that are worth watching. I started researching them a bit after I had a privatization debate with a friend. Although I tend to lean towards the side of privatization on many issues the military is certainly not one of them. Here's how much Bush knows about them. Scary...

Cops are racist... who knew?

Take it Thoreau. I read the other day that while living at Walden pond, which was near town and his family home, he would often go home on weekends to raid the cookie jar. So much for seclusion.