G1 Part 2

Short follow up on the G1. I've had it for about a week now.

The battery still blows. By the time I get home from work it's usually around 20%. That last 20% is hard to kill though... I think it's like the gas tank in a car. Says its E but really you're got another 60 miles. In all fairness it does have a 3" touchscreen, G3 running, in my case 4 browser windows, etc. Plus I'm on the thing constantly (really). When being used as a regular phone it's got a much more normal battery life.

Now the good. Love the OS. It's very easy to get used to and navigate. Any web page is within reach with this thing, it's not like a blackberry. You can really interact with web pages. If you pause and hold your finger on the screen for a second you can copy and paste text. The app store is oddly free and the apps in there are awesome. I find myself using the Shazam app a lot. It listens to whatever music you're listening to and tells you what it is and who it's by. The bar code scanner and price finder, Compare Everywhere, is crazy too. It's more of a toy currently... I'll let you know if it saves me money. WikiMobile is an app I use constantly. Any question, all the time. It's basically a scaled down version of Wikipedia that sits on my desktop (the G1 has a desktop similar to Windows or Mac computers). The touchscreen is incredibly responsive. To check my notifications I just move my thumb down vertically over the desktop and they appear. If my thumb slows then so does the rate at which they appear... crazy stuff.

The internet on the G1 is still fast.