"Ah, women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Smart man that Nietzsche. I was watching V for Vendetta the other day and near the end Natalie Portman says to V "You don't have to do this! We can leave here together..." which reminded me of a similar line of hers from Star Wars III aimed at Anakin, "We can still leave this place. We can go somewhere and live the rest of our lives together..." And then the guy walks away (idiot, from Ms. Portman non the less)... Does this ever happen? I know, I know it's like the beginning and ending question to every episode of Sex and the City, but seriously. Are we not raised on a steady diet of "you can have a mature trusting reciprocal relationship one day?" I call bull shit.

I made this photograph at my cousin's wedding in Charleston, SC. However rare, I'm sure they'll be more than fine.