Houdini Project

This was sent to me via another Obama worker concerning our progress on the Houdini Project.

Basically so many people were using the phone system to call in their polling places numbers that it was dragging down the system and crashed/was killed. Heres my conversation with another Obama worker:

me: yea it's been confusing. here's the actual deal.
the phone system did in fact go down, it was dragging down the internal phone system so they killed it around 11am
Sent at 2:33 PM on Tuesday
me: colorado started calling us saying wtf? stop undermining our system... states have been implementing their own system of getting the data to the field workers. theres a websitewatch4barack.com or they can go to their field organizer/boiler room
so since then we've returned to our regular mission of just catching typos and wrong information input and calling the poll watchers and telling them to resubmit their data
Sent at 2:35 PM on Tuesday
me: some places are just more organized than others. there's definitely a lot of info falling through the cracks, but every number i call and get ahold of someone is another 50-300 voters knocked off the list to narrow the sights of the ground team... i'd say we're fairly effective.
christopher: that's more or less what i figured
mostly i just wanted to let you know that you were famous
me: haha

EDIT: The phones (IVR) are back up.