Stuff Worth Reading

There's a new volcano. Gotta love those things.

This isn't actually that cool. It's a phone with a 5 megapixel CCD and a Carl Zeiss lens (one of the top lens manufacturers in the world). What's funny is that I have predicted for a while now that this would happen. Rather, this is the first big step. Five megapixels is not far from the resolution of 35mm film (kinda). A Zeiss lens means the image sensor will actually be used to its potential. Eventually, because of the way cameras work, they will become incredibly small and have huge resolutions. In 10 or 20 years or whatever cameras will exist in phones that are of better quality and have more capabilities than top of the line DSLR's today.

Here's the latest on neutron stars. Astrophysics is way cool and I'm aware that I'm a dork.

This is a two part piece about riots by one of my favorite academics, Sudhir Venkatesh. Here's the first and second part.