Stuff Worth Reading

Little German kids try to elope in Africa, hilarious photo accompanies.

This is an article about the Obamas from 1996 done by The New Yorker.

Counter intuitive article about intelligence and happiness.

This is an article about fire sprinklers being required in new homes constructed in MN. The debate in my head is over. Economics should now be a required course in school, or rather logical thinking that involves cost benefit, rigorous statistical models, and is devoid of emotional argument. For the money that is to be spent (1 billion over 40 years) it would save more lives, if that is the true motive, to invest in health care, illness prevention, traffic safety, etc. Fires kill very very few people. Last year 19 people died in MN in fires. That many, if not far more, people will most likely die statewide in MN in car crashes this week. A billion dollars buys a lot more than a device that could potentially flood your house... that's right, single largest cost after a fire? Water damage. "But its safer for firefighters!" Five fire fighters died in MN in the last 10 years... all traffic related.