Alternative Process Photography

This is a cyanotype I made of a drawing by my friend Justin. It's the same process that was used back in the day to make architectural drawings. It's just a contact print of a negative that is exposed to UV light and washed in water.

I also began making some Van dyke brown prints. It's a very similar process but there's also a hypo clearing bath involved (sodium thiosulfate). I'll post that up once it's done washing and drying. It's currently being rinsed in my highly sophisticated washing device (tray in my bathtub with the water running).

Also up for experimentation is some negative reversal film; Bergger BPFB-18. I use it to enlarge my negatives so that I can contact print them. I first have to duplicate the film by contact printing and developing it. That's called making an interpositive. Then I enlarge the interpositive, which is essentially a black and white positive film, onto an 8x10 film. This leaves me with an 8x10 negative. Here's the one I made:

This was inverted in Photoshop.

More to come...