"I put my heart and my soul into my work and I have lost my mind in the process." - Vincent Van Gogh

That's my only hesitation in applying to graduate school. If someone actually lets me design buildings... ha, I'd have no social life. I've decided to try anyways. Here's a small sample of my portfolio that accompanies the rest of my life statistics. Which by the way always ask the wrong questions, but what else is new?

Film scan printed by an ink jet printer on handmade paper. This was a photo of my brother and me when we were young ("Every picture of you was when you were younger!" - Mitch Hedberg).

Pen and ink drawing of Susie on bristol paper.

Pencil and marker drawing on bristol paper. Anyone who has the misfortune of hearing my architectural (of which I know little about) diatribes knows that I love shipping containers, steel, concrete, glass, natural sunlight, and monolithic domes.

There's also a watercolor self portrait, some other ink drawings, a few gelatin-silver prints, a palladium print that I just made (that I'll post if I get the permission of my subject), a poster, and some photos from P8nt.