Stuff Worth Reading

Great economic read. This has to do with GM mostly but the main thing I loved was this:

"For the broader markets to bottom and for the economy to bottom, certain cataclysmic events must occur. While the timing or form of these cathartic events are difficult to predict, you WILL know them when they occur. If GM and Chrysler are forced into bankruptcy, that will be the one of the bottom forming events.

Many more, such as the final nationalization of Citigroup (C) and Bank of America (BAC) and the complete unwinding of AIG are still required. Losses must be taken by all stakeholders, not just tax payers. Balance sheets must be purged and legacy liabilities written off. These companies need to be recapitalized and relaunched with pristine balance sheets. Only then can they contribute constructively to the economy and help engineer an economic revival."


The Pirate Bay now has an app on Facebook (not a great read) to allow sharing of torrents. I'm sure that in
many cases it's illegal as hell, but it does beg the question, can't this technology be used to disseminate information freely and legally in some way?

Another money scandal... although this time a company in CA walked out one their expecting (literally) customers who have fetuses growing in surrogate mothers; about 70 in all. Fortunately all of the surrogate mothers seem to be willing to still have the babies even though some of them are no longer receiving compensation. Legally they could abort the fetuses even against the wishes of the donors (biological parents). That's more or less the pinnacle of a moral dilemma.

An internet company works out of a tree house in PA. Just cool. I'd have to imagine that would make you a markedly happier person; at least it would for me. (Hat tip: