No Balls Are Safe or I Miss Paintball

I'm sorry that the video is sideways, that's my fault. It was edited a long time ago by Chris Dilts.

In this video Jamin, one of the 2 or 3 "adults/mentors" on our team, is drunk as usually happens when it gets dark out. He barges into the hotel room beachside on the Pacific Coast and picks up Tommy by his balls. The signifigance of this is that anyone who gets shot during the day runs the risk of having "unsafe balls". It was kind of like motivation.

I made this as an 18 year old freshman in college using my brand new 5 megapixel digital camera that I carried with me on all my subsequent paintball trips. I abused that camera; it's no longer with us sadly, but it doesn't owe me anything either. This was the very first event of the reformed NPPL that took place in Huntington Beach, CA. I ended up playing in the NPPL for 5 years, 2 professionally, and a year after I quit they went bankrupt. The time in between was interesting though. I played with the same core of people for about 6 years. Lots of stories for another time.

A new 7-man league has emerged and it looks promising. It's called the USPL (US Paintball League). Their first event starts tomorrow at the same venue in Huntington Beach. It's a pretty amazing place to have a tournament. Anyways, one of my teammates just bought a professional franchise, Indianapolis Mutiny, in the new league. Best of luck to Mutiny and the USPL and a word of advice; focus on playing paintball and staying profitable. Promotion these days comes from being legit, not making lame videos, passing out flyers, and paying Fox for airtime.