Poster Artists

My friend Justin started screen printing a while ago and has become quite popular and at the same time exposed me to this world where you can buy great original art for $25 or $30. Not too bad. Anyways, here are some of my favorite artists.

This is probably my favorite working artist at the moment. His name is Daniel Danger and he works out of San Francisco. Here's an interview with him and another impressive artist with a similar style, and he's an exhibit that both of them are in right now.

Here's a guy named Justin Myer that makes intaglio prints from photographs. Quite amazing.

These next three are probably the most prolific Chicago area printers, or at least the ones I tend to see the most. This is Jay Ryan. He's definitely the most famous gig poster screen printer out there.

This is Jay's wife Diane Sudyka. She also has some wonderful etchings and gig posters.

This is Dan Grzeca (pronounced Jetsah).

Here are some others too:

Jason Munn, The Small Stakes, minimalist but clean and well put together.

Nate Duval, just really original and all of his designs are quite different.

Bennet Holzworth, uses a letterpress to make very unique posters. I have the Modest Mouse one and it's amazing in person.