This picture was taken (with my phone) at my family's warehouse in Chicago Ridge. My grandfather bought it in the 1964. We're tearing it down in a few weeks and in the mean time we're clearing it out. I'm not taking as many photos as I should, but I found this hanging in the wall of a room that hasn't seen foot traffic in perhaps ten or twenty years.

It's makes more sense if you know that my grandfather was a workaholic. He worked seven days a week well into his late 60's and 70's, and this isn't office work we're talking about. It gave him the kind of physical strength that body builders can only dream about. My dad once told me that he asked his dad if he could start taking Sundays off because he had a wife a kids. His response was something like "what are you queer?" Not very PC, but then again growing up during the Great Depression, fighting the Nazi's, and living through the Cold War might change your mindset a little.