Stuff Worth Reading

Mockingbirds teach us a better way to live for a second time.

I've heard a few murmurs of hope in the news, but not in the best economics and finance blogs I read. This one is scary, but he's also usually right.

Paul Krugman on health-tourism.

Econ and finance dorks only. Germany, China, and Japan are more or less screwed economically speaking in the long run. Basically those economies are net exporters and the countries that buy from them are now saving their money. Now their currencies are appreciating against ours so their exports fall further...

A private company in California called Space X is trying to send rockets with payloads into orbit. They've already launched one rocket successfully and are almost done with a second larger one. The whole idea is to do what NASA does at 1/10th the cost, and so far it seems to be working.