Stuff Worth Reading

Great pieces on taxes in America and income distribution. I don't think most people fully appreciate just how pressing of an issue this is, and to top it off I have heated debates with my conservative friends and parents about this contstantly. Stow your emotion, look at the data; the rich are getting richer and we're cutting their taxes.

This is just, awesome. A cop in Austin, TX tasers a 72 year old lady.

Cell phones that charge themselves off of ambient waves.

GOOD Magazines list of upcomming films about food.

This is an interesting blog I found called War and Health. They have some good links to data on there.

More from GOOD - one of my favorite words, laconic, is the 4th most looked up word on the NY Times site. To look up a word just highlight it then click the question mark on any NY Times article.

Wired - a bet about horses feet touching the ground sets off some technical inovation to the camera and Facebook allows users to grab URL's.

And Chinese, Indian, and Korean families in the US tend to have more male children.