Quick School Work Update

I've been documenting my work rather poorly, but this represents a few of my larger studio projects. I'll add to it later once finals week is over.

This is Rudolph Schindler's Kings Road House. He worked for Frank Lloyd Wright and actually built and lived in this house. It's considered the first modern house ever built. It's about 3' x 1.5' and made of basswood (house), MDF (base and street), and baltic birch plywood (topo and vegetation). It's a assembled component model so it all comes apart.

All together.

Upper roof taken off.

Lower roof and supporting structural beams taken out.

A few of the walls taken out. The rest come out too.

Detail of the sunken gardens, guest, and garage area.

Structure, sleeping baskets (so weird), and roof assemblage.

This is my current project. It's a public use kayak center at the South Turning Basin in Chicago. Here it's placed within the larger site.

This is just my concept model... the 3 drawings and 3 models are due later this week. It's made of chipboard and basswood.

This was our first project. We measured kayaks, drew them to scale, then made a positive and negative model of them at 1/4 scale from museum board. This measures over 4' long.