Weekend Reading

The Obama Administration unveils its education reform plan. Front and center are two issues dear to my heart: increasing the number of charter schools and linking student test scores to teacher performance (the later requires some explanation that I don't feel like giving, but if done properly would be amazingly helpful). From Freakonomics, which has a nice overview of the whole thing too.

Researchers at Harvard have found an antibody that seems to work against a lot of flu virus strains. It's a bit early, but wow.

A Japanese photographer takes photos using film and electricity in a process that I don't fully understand and I'm not sure he does either.

What do black holes look like when they collide? Like this.

Google came out with a new phone called the Nexus One. It has a processor in it that's about twice as fast as anything else on the market. The Android OS seems to be developing rather quickly considering the G1 came out just barely over a year ago.

Pretty soon you'll be able to buy and build your own jet.

Am I missing something here? Why is this single blue fin tuna worth $177,000? That comes out to $345 a pound.

The 1000 greatest buildings.

Hahaha, a right wing publication calls out Obama for publicly predicting the bottoming of the stock market in early 2009. The crazy thing? He was right.