Paris - Day 5

Just a building I found on my way to Cimetière du Père-Lachaise.

Apparently ravens like peanuts and raisins. I got a chance to see how smart they are. Conclusion: very smart.

All the girls kiss his grave... regardless of the fact that he liked guys.

It was weird to be so far away from Chicago at the grave of someone who's work (Sunday Afternoon on the Island on La Grande Jatte at the AIC) I'm very familiar with and see often. It was like meeting a friend for lunch in a far away city.

Eglise Saint-Eustache - I went to church on a Sunday. In this photo the organ pipes are over my head. When they played it was a completely ethereal experience. They were loud, full of utterly deep bass that went right through you, and it echoed off the vaults and reverberated in your chest. It's better than any speaker system I've ever experienced and I can see why people spent 200 years building places like this.

Update: I checked out the site to see if I could hear it again. It seems like they don't play it so often and if all the info is correct this is what I heard played:

Sunday, May 30 - Francesco Filidei interpreter
  • Charles-Marie WIDOR : Symphonie pour orgue n°2 opus 13:Prélude-Pastorale-Andante-Scherzo-Adagio-Finale Charles-Marie Widor: Organ Symphony No. 2 opus 13: Prelude-Pastoral-Andante-Adagio-Scherzo-Finale

This is Les Halles - "the belly of Paris". There'ye constructing a huge canopy to help revitalize the area. I kind of liked it. The gardens are a tad retro and uncomfortable but the area surrounding is very organic and is nice to walk around.