Berlin & Copenhagen - Day 10 & 11

Gabions lining the railway in Copenhagen, Denmark. That is, wire surrounding rock. Plants grow on them, they're permeable, dampen sound... etc.

The Queen of Denmark's personal stables.

Glass curtain wall of the Copenhagen library... which was amazing. The detailing was impeccable.

Typical Danish canal.

Royal Danish Playhouse by Lundgaard and Tranberg.

Custom bricks... why not?

BIG. Bjarke Ingles Group in Copenhagen - no pictures of the inside allowed. It was like play land for architects. 3D printers, pretty Danish girls, they have their own industrial designers, and lots of Legos or course.

There are so many bikes in Denmark that they can't like the bikes to anything so they handcuff their back tire. I like it, but it'd totally get stolen in Chi-town.

Grapevining. Lots of attention to mortar joints here.

Berlin underground. Again, no pictures, but I got to see WWII bomb shelters and ones updated for the Cold War.

One of three WWII flak towers that were designed by Speer and Hitler. I'm not sure why but it was very ominous. There are only two remaining and they are made of solid reinfocred concrete up to 15 and 20 feet thick. They housed all the German 88's that protected Berlin from Allied bombers.