Berlin - Day 16 - 2010-6-16

All of these photos are from Humboldt University in Berlin's campus.

This is the physics building. The exterior is a testing ground for climbing plants that are watered via a rain collection and hydroponic drip system. The horizontal white bins are the plant beds. (Institute of Physics/Augustin und Frank Architekten/2003)

Same building on the north side. This is all channel glass.

An interior court yard.

The first vertical wind tunnel test center in the world (I think). It's part of the Aerodynamic Park.

The different colors are just automatic shades which form kind of a pho-double-skin facade... really odd from a cost benefit or engineers point of view. (Photonikzentrum-Technologiepark Adlershof/Sauerbruch + Hutton and Ortner + Ortner/1996-1998)

I just liked how they handled their dumpster area.

This building is covered in manually operable louvers. You have to go outside and turn this big intricate crank.

Almost all the pavement in Berlin is permeable. This is just another example that was very nice.

Another view of the building with the operable shades.