Berlin - Day 18 & 19 - 2010-6-18,19

A Philosophy Library by Norman Foster. It's bigger than it looks. One level is sunken but abutted by a berm. The shallow ground is then covered in rocks and ground cover.

There's a double facade that is computer controlled with operable windows and glass on the outside and a translucent membrane on the inside. The effect is a very soft light and a large amount of energy savings because of the air gap.

The floor plates undulate inside without touching the dome for the most part.

Every project in Germany gets a report card. The big arrow is this building and the little arrow is a typical building of this size.

A really well done slate roof. The shingles curve up instead of forming 90's near the fenestration. I wonder if that reduces the need for flashing (the point where most leaks occur)?

I didn't take any real photos on our day off so... here's one of the train.