Bonn & Cologne - Day 23 & 24 - 2010-6-23,24

The Kölner Dom (Cologne Catherdral). It's massive. Oh yeah, it took 632 years to build and is 157.3 m high (515').

Beyer Headquarters by Helmut Jahn. Werner Sobek is more or less always his structural engineer.

This mechanical room uses waste heat (they say waste steam but... well I work with steam, there's rarely [with the exception of nuclear] such thing as waste steam) to heat and cool the building. It's so efficient that the building isn't required to have any photovoltaics or other zero emissions energy production as is usually required by German building codes.

Serious double facade.

Japanese garden.

Inside the Dom. 97m tall - so about 315'.

28cm x 21cm sketch on newsprint with india ink. This is BIG's Figure 8 building that's still under construction. All I did was draw that day... finals.