Berlin - Day 8

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. The Germans call it the Memory Church (Gedächtnis Kirche).

This is a Murphy-Jahn project that was worked on by two people - one of them, John DeSalvo - is my professor and gave us a tour of what took him 10 years to design.

This is how it connects to the other retail stores at the street front.

Structural glass made of four layers that holds up the curtain wall.

Custom made aluminum blinds. They're really nice in person. Apparently Murphy-Jahn wrote into the contract that they were in charge of designing from the glazing till something like 2-3 m into the interior. This ensures an even look to the building but also gives them license to do stuff like this.

The Nordic embassies. Iceland, Sweden, Finland, and Norway are all housed in the same area and surrounded by a copper clad wall.

A lot of copper. Like 1/4 mile plus at 40' high folded and undulating. Should last a while though.