Paris - Day 6 / Berlin - Day 1

I went on a walk from my hostel to the Bastille and on the way I found this gathering of really interesting shops that all had fringe American trends or culture as their main idea. I find it humorous that Parisians both revere and revile Americans.

Chrome bags and fixie bikes.

New vintage style bikes.

This was just a cool shop. They literally had ever type of camera I knew in the window. They had a tilt-shift lens for my Mamiya, all models of Leica's, a Mamiya 7 II, and even a Hoizon; and the store was a true hole in the wall.

The Bastille.

A demonstration that turned into a protest which then turned into a conflict between the Algerians and police after I left. I went back later and all the sidewalks were wet (had to be cleaned) and police were patrolling the area heavily.

Pompidou Center - detail of how the massive trusses link to the tensions cables.

Carlo Mollino, 1950

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe/Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Designed by Peter Eisenman.

The Reichstag - it's impressively huge. Look at the scale of the people next to those columns.