I just have to get these articles off of my browser.

Blah blah blah... the gas tax needs to be raised. More on that later. I say this because it's so obvious it's painful.

Starcraft 2 comes out at some point. It's currently in beta testing. Long story short, I find it interesting that some activities and games are huge in one country and nothing in another. Were you aware that pro video gaming and star craft in particular are absolutely huge in South Korea? Too bad paintball isn't big anywhere - I'd probably live there.

The Japanese are the first to use a solar sail.

More so than fixing the oil spill with a daisy cutter I find the guy who's idea it was very fascinating.

This is a concept I need to write about more - cheap goods. In this case the need for a $50 Kindle. Basically I'm going to bitch about architects.

Men get paid maternity leave in Sweden. It leads to lower divorce and in general everyone is happier. This is a must read.

Apparently North Koreans are growing increasingly discontent.

This also needs to be written about further but in the mean time start reading it. It's a really long piece about how Obama, his loyalty (or lack thereof) to the Democrats, and in general a lot of info about politics.