Dr. King Legacy Apartments

So I went to take some photos the other day as spec work for an architecture firm and I noticed that my widest angle lens was going off at about 1/60th for a 1 second shot... The great thing about old school manual cameras is that they can be repaired (unlike newer far more complex digital models). The bad news is... that they're complex.

I haven't gotten my color 4x5 film developed yet, but hopefully will soon. The rest of these are from my digital SLR.

This is the west elevation of the Dr. King Legacy Apartments by Johnson and Lee Architects.

Southeast corner looking west.

Northwest corner looking south.

This building is built in a not so great neighborhood - it's at roughly 16th and Kedzie. What makes it interesting is that the architects were able to stretch their dollars so well. The facade is basically just brick with a little bit of limestone and what I assume is some sort of aluminum or steel cladding around some of the windows. The spacing is even throughout, so no added cost there. The facade is fairly flat and the change is color is just different brick. This is public housing so you can imagine they weren't splurging. So again, I commend them for being able to produce something this pleasing on a budget that permitted little more than a brick and concrete box.