What are you truly good at? I mean, expert. Ten thousand hours plus. As in, if you handed someone a resume with these things listed on them you would be expected to perform them at an expert level right then and there. What are yours? What would you like to be expert at? Post in the comments section. I'm legitimately curious.

I did this little exercise in my head and it kind of surprised me. Most of the things I want to be expert at I'm really not, and the things I am expert at are... strange?

Here are mine:

1 - Photography: If the camera has some manual controls then I'm comfortable with it. Large format film? Yes please.

2 - Paintball: It's interesting that becoming really good at something means that you understand your weaknesses better. Even up until the day I stopped playing (after 12 years and a few years pro) I had tons of skills that needed work.

3 - Riding a bike in a city: Chicago isn't Europe and biking here has more to do with comfort level than rules. After almost a decade of riding in Chicago almost every day I've developed an odd awareness for how to go as fast as possible without getting hit.

Genetically engineered (Scottish) legs don't hurt either. Photo: Jacki
Things I want to be expert at:

1 - Architecture: the programs associated with it, comprehensible sketches at a moments notice, the ability to communicate my ideas clearly, and a good understanding of its history/theory. They say most architects don't become good until they're in their 40's. By that logic I'm 3/15 of the way there or about 20% - sounds about right.

2 - Woodworking, welding, making things: The architectural job market may force me to get better at this anyways. I'm further along on this one.