The more one sees of human fate and the more one examines its secret springs of action, the more one is impressed by the strength of unconscious motives and by the limitations of free choice - Carl Jung
I really can't escape the fact that I have an innate need to build things. Design is feckless without the tangible aspect of the feedback loop, so I've started putting together what will eventually be a wood/metal workshop.

I didn't realize until typing this out, but this is the first time I've never had access to a workshop. We torn down my family's while I was in grad school and during that time I had access to IIT's shop.

I went to an auction for a cabinet maker that was going out of business (Bolhuis Woodworking Co.) and bought a bunch of hardwood and old industrial woodworking machines. More pictures and details to come. It'll certainly be interesting.

My friend Kevin (pictured) and Derek helped me load up the roughly 1,500 BF of maple, white oak, mahogany, etc., and some old Delta Rockwell machines into a truck on the coldest day of the winter.