"Everything has been figured out, except how to live." - Sartre

Recently I was asked by an architect why I choose to shoot film. I gave an answer that was technical and spoke about lens size, resolution, quality, etc. It was a poor answer. I use film because the camera is simpler. I have complete control over what's happening. Film forces you to slow down and think. I only get a few photos and they're almost always better than my digital. Similarly, I draft all day on a computer. It's logically better than hand drafting in ever way much like digital cameras are to film. Yet many of the buildings produced this way appear dead in much the same way that digital photos lack life.

Our speech and subsequently our thought and understanding of the world is accomplished through metaphor; largely war and finance (George Lakoff and Mark Johnson). It's something I think about often. Our world is increasingly dominated by rational choice and I engage in this more than many, but it seems large and important issues are missed by this. Relevant TED talk.

This is my Dad's warehouse as it was being torn down.