Sunday Reading

My friend Alex showed me a site called data visualization blog called Flowing Data.

Natural gas prices are artificially low in the US because we're not allowed to export it. (I knew energy was getting too cheap, seriously)

Woodworking / design studio from Oregon called Phloem (relevant). Just great work.

Apple and Google difference in culture apparent from HQ design. Reminds me of this NYT article.

A very analytical person figures out how to make soylent (a drink that satisfies all your dietary needs).

Academic study comparing the actual economic views of Republicans and Democrats. Surprise, we're basically the same.

A visual guide to how the Federal Reserve works. Heavily bordering on wonkish.

Food is so expensive! American's spend less on food than any other nation on earth.

Animals are really smart, have feelings, etc. Continuing the trend of, we're just not that different from the other living organisms of this planet.