Woodshop Update #3

I finally got the bulk of the wood off the floor and inventoried. So far it's over 1,600 board feet (12" x 12" x 1") of boards. I've been there everyday that I didn't have work plus some weekdays. I'm in the process of moving the sheet goods, arranging the machines, figuring out how to run power, and finding storage for all the hand tools and clamps.

You can never have enough clamps...

Rockwell Delta 5HP, 3-Phase, 12" table saw. #1000

Rockwell-Delta 3HP, 3-Phase, 20" throat bandsaw

24" x 20" work table on the bandsaw.

Rockwell-Delta 6" jointer. This makes the faces of the board square to one another. I only use jointers for the edges and not the faces of boards so I haven't found a need for nice large one yet. Maybe when the opportunity presents itself. I'm thinking about having my machinist friend mill some attachments to make the infeed and outfeed tables larger. This is what really matters.