Reddit AMA - Postmortem

Well damn. That was a bigger response than I expected. I responded to several hundred people and I still have about 250 to go. Unfortunately I did it on the same day John Malkovich was doing his AMA. By the way, it was very good.
It also must be said that the vast majority of [people] in the world live with nothing and with the hope of nothing their entire lives. I was lucky, as I've been my entire life.
Well stated. I always wondered if some of the truly fortunate know this of the world. As a healthy white male who is well educated and born to a loving family in America I try to acknowledge my extreme luck whenever possible. Anyways, data:

According to Google Analytics I received about 34,000 page visits in the span of about 12 hours while Blogger tells me I got about 21,000. Not sure why the discrepancy (Kevin?). Regardless that's about 40% of the visits I have ever received up until that point.

I learned a lot about what people are interested in and concerned about as well as what information more or less everyone is ignorant of. It's very easy to succumb to curse of knowledge bias by thinking that others know the basics of what you think is common knowledge.

I've started to compile a list of the most common questions from the AMA. I hope to turn this into a visual graphic that shows what areas of sustainable design people are interested in. More to come.