Quick Note - There Is No Skills Gap

I've pointed out previously that there are many jobs where employers say there's a skills gap. "I want to hire someone but there's just no one out there with the skills I need!" This is BS. There isn't a skills gap, there's a what we're willing to pay you gap. I'm helping my firm find a new hire so now I'm experiencing this first hand.

In the Chicago architecture job market there's a shortage of people who know how to use Revit (pencils are to AutoCAD as AutoCAD is to Revit). My firm wants to hire someone who knows how to use this software, but so is every other firm. Revit is a deep program that takes a long time to learn and it isn't typically taught in schools. Hence, the salaries for these people has gone up. We can't find someone at a salary level we can afford but instead of admitting to that they say no one knows how to use the software.