Having a Kid - Notes at One Year

Today is my first child's first birthday. I thought it'd be nice to document some of the changes in my attitudes and views over the last year while I'm still mentally straddling the line somewhere between not having a child and being a parent. Soon I won't reliably remember what not having a kid felt like in the same way that I can't really recall what being unmarried felt like.

The love thing - it's taken time to develop. I'm skeptical of the claims of others to the contrary.

My concern for children's safety and empathy towards parents who have kids who have been harmed or killed is greatly magnified. I'm surprised more parents don't retaliate violently against those who harm their children.

Having a kid is surprisingly similar to having a pet - not a polite topic of conversation. The key differentiator is the ceaseless rapid progression with no plateau in sight.

Kids are less homogeneous than previously thought.

There's a strong possibility that we work too much.