[Meta] Why I Haven't Been Writing, or at Least Posting What I Write

Meta: self referential

January was the first month in six years that I didn't post to my blog. I've been meaning to write about my lack of posting for over a year now, but I myself didn't have an explanation. It's certainly not for a lack of ideas or even time. The answer is my opinions regarding media have changed.

It used to be that there wasn't enough good content to consume. Books, movies, the library, etc. Sure, you could find enough sources to keep yourself occupied, but the quality was lacking. This was true even with the rise of the internet, but there still wasn't enough high quality content unless you really sought it out. Seeking is its own behavior separate but connected to the consumption of it (a topic for another time). For me the change was reddit. I've discussed reddit here before but to summarize, it essentially provides unlimited high quality content once you've figured out how to tailor it to your interests. The limiting factor is now the time we're willing to dedicate to consumption. In my case this is somewhere near addiction levels.

In 2010 Eric Schmidt (Google Exec.) stated that we produce more content in two days than all of humanity did before 2003. Most topics I'd like to discuss have already been written about and debated at length. To that end I've been wary of posting content that isn't fully researched, somewhat unique, or is just plain not fun to read. In short, more signal less noise.